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Values and Ethos

At Pendeen School, we value the wellbeing and safety of the children in our care above all else. We provide a nurturing, creative and inspiring learning environment in which every child is given the best possible opportunity to reach their potential.

Our Values and Ethos

We know our families exceptionally well and will always go the extra mile to nurture each member of the school community, enabling everyone to feel safe, secure and valued.

We foster a positive and inclusive learning environment where children and staff are encouraged to be creative, innovative and take risks in all that they do.

All children are recognised and valued as individuals with unlimited potential to achieve.

As one, we work to create an open, welcoming school that is at the centre of our wonderful community.

Our Aims

Our school aims to give every child the opportunity to develop:

  • A love of life and learning.
  • Positive relationships with others.
  • The skills and knowledge to achieve their highest potential.
  • Resilience, resourcefulness and self-belief.
  • A willingness to engage with new ideas and experiences.
  • Respect and curiosity about the world around them.
  • Courage, determination, flexibility and integrity.